Social engagements been important for Kistefos since the company’s inception. Through the Kistefos Museum and Christen Sveaas’ Kunststiftelse, art, history and culture is shared with the world. Education is also important to Kistefos, and through scholarships at world leading universities, Kistefos contributes to the education of Norwegian and African students. In addition, Kistefos regularly supports humanitarian organizations and social entrepreneurship through 2nd Chance as well as health and education services in South Africa through “The Small Projects Foundation”.

University of St. Gallen

Investing for the future

In addition to the Kistefos Scholarships for students at the University of St. Gallen, Harvard Kennedy School, IE University, Stellenbosch University and Rhodes University, Kistefos supports several social, educational and health endeavours. Among these is 2nd Chance, a Norwegian staffing company. 2nd Chance recruits candidates who may otherwise have been overlooked by society, like people released from prison. Sveaas established Seniorvikarene in Oslo in 2014 — another staffing agency that matches experienced competent people with vacant business positions. In South Africa, Christen Sveaas and Kistefos have supported the Small Projects Foundation (SPF) since 2010. The SPF has donated a total of $5.8 million to various projects combating the prevalence of HIV and AIDS in the Eastern Cape district of South Africa. They also provide better health care and education in the region. An education program has also helped over 100 early childhood centres, primary schools and secondary schools in South Africa. Kistefos Opportunity Fund supports small businesses through education and mentoring programs — resulting in executives for over 100 small companies completing a Micro MBA program.