The grant is financed by Kistefos AS. Christen Sveaas, owner of Kistefos, himself educated at HSG. “The scholarship scheme expresses my gratitude for education and experiences at the traditional HSG,” SAYS Sveaas, who through the scholarship program wants to market the university and the educational opportunities that exits at HSG, so that more Norwegian students will consider a degree at this university.

The scholarship is primerly aimed at students who have top grades from NHH and BI, but are also open to student with different backgrounds. It is a condition that the candidate qualifies for admission at the master`s level at HSG.

Application information

KSMS supports the candidate through the application process for admission to the University of St. Gallen. Once the application has been submitted, the candidate is welcome to apply for Kistefos St. Gallen Masterclass Scholarship. Allocation of up to 4 scholarships takes place after confirmed admission.

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