yA Bank AS, the primary subsidiary of yA Holding ASA, is an online bank with licenses issued by Norwegian authorities and is subject to Norwegian supervision. yA Bank provides non-secured consumer loans, credit cards and loan insurance products. At the end of the third quarter of 2015, yA Bank had more than 120 00 clients and outstanding loans to customers totalled NOK 3.5 bn.

Kistefos initially invested in yA Holding in 2011, acquiring an ownership stake of 24%. In 2014, Kistefos increased its ownership to just below 30%. In 2015, the two wholly-owned subsidiaries, yA Bank AS and MetaTech AS, were sold to the Nordic Capital backed Resurs Bank AB. The transaction closed in October 2015 and the proceeds were distributed to the shareholders.

Kistefos was during the ownership period an active owner through representation on the board of directors. The investment yielded a very strong return for Kistefos

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