Diffia is one of Norway’s fastest growing e-health companies with the aim of delivering modern digital services to health personnel and patients at the country’s hospitals. Based on solid knowledge of the world of medicine and hospitals, Diffia designs solutions together with doctors, nurses, therapists, patients and next of kin. We prefer to do this in the field through user-centered design and agile methods. Using the latest technology, we work step by step towards delivering intelligent and good user experiences that provide value and meaning for our end users.

Diffia has developed Nimble, the clinician’s pocket assistant. Among many other things, it allows clinicians to efficiently and seamlessly communicate with other physicians and nurses at a hospital, instantly document patient information at the point of care, and share that information instantly with the entire care team. Uniquely, Nimble is integrated with other critical hospital systems, enabling much needed reductions in administrative burdens, increased patient facing time and significantly reduced probability of mistakes arising from manual information flows.

In 2021, Diffia completed the first innovation partnership procurement conducted in the Norwegian hospital market together with Østfold Hospital Trust, which ended with a commercial contract and plans to scale the solution Nimble Homewards beyond the initial department. Diffia has successfully developed and piloted the first integrated remote care solution for hospitals (Nimble Homewards), which is the only product of its kind in the market that both works with the existing hospital systems and have a commercial foundation for use inside and outside of the hospitals. As part of the innovation partnership, all health trusts in Helse Sør-Øst had a time-limited option to procure the solution. The majority of the health trusts formally stated that they wanted to buy and use the solution and the first commercial agreements are in place. Diffia is also working on a second innovation partnership with Sykehuset Østfold to develop blood sampling and analysis at home. This is conducted together with Roche Diagnostics Norway and an American company, Essenlix, that has developed technology for blood sampling and analysis through an iPhone.

Diffia’s head office is in Oslo, Norway.

Kistefos is the largest shareholder with 35.7 % of the share capital.

For more information, please visit www.diffia.com

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