September 16, 2011San Francisco, CA

Line2 for iPad turns the device into a mobile office at one’s fingertips by adding a phone line, then seamlessly organizing your various communication channels around the people with whom you communicate. Instead of trying to hunt down a message across multiple applications, you now have a snapshot view of your communications for each individual right in front of you.

Line2 adds a fully-featured phone line to the iPad that can place and receive calls and carrier-grade text messages over the device’s data connections (WiFi or 3G). If the iPad does not have a data connection, calls can be automatically forwarded to up to six other phones so that customers can ensure that they never miss an important call.

“The iPad has been our best-converting platform for new customer signups. Following our customers’ lead, we’ve created a brand new version of Line2 from the ground up to take advantage of the unique capabilities of the iPad. We invented a new type of communications device,” said Peter Sisson, Founder and CEO of Line2. “I’ve completely replaced my office deskphone, using the iPad 2’s built in speakers and mic as a speakerphone and a Bluetooth headset for more private conversations.”

With Line2 you can place calls using a wired headset, Bluetooth headset (on iPad 2 only), or over the iPad’s speakerphone. Line2, combined with the iPad’s powerful built-in speakers and microphone, makes for an amazing on-the-go business tool for conference calls with multiple people in the room. Just set the iPad down on the table in a group meeting and it’s like having a high-grade conference phone with an abundance of additional features.

No other iPad app offers the features and functionality of Line2. The app is packed with advanced calling features, including full caller ID support, the ability to juggle multiple calls, visual voicemail, voicemail by email, call waiting, call transfer, and conferences for up to 20 people. You can even multitask while using Line2 and perform other tasks while on a call, or receive calls while engaged in other activities on the iPad.

Line2’s WiFi capabilities allow international travelers to place and receive calls while overseas without incurring any additional charges. Using Line2, calls to any number back home will be free, as will calls to other Line2 users, wherever they are worldwide. Line2’s WiFi call quality is also better than traditional cellular quality, and WiFi calls between two Line2 customers use 16-kHz HD audio for crystal clear sound quality that is stunning to experience.

Line2 offers a free 7 day trial with an account created at the Line2 website. After the trial, service costs just $9.95/month for the basic plan with unlimited US/Canada calling and texting, or $99.50 for a one year pre-paid plan. Also available is the Line2 Pro plan, which comes with all of the features of Line2 plus an auto attendant, call screening, ability to route calls to multiple phones simultaneously, caller-specific call forwarding, after-hours settings, and Mac/PC-based calling for just $14.95/month or $149.50 per year. These plans are available through the Line2 website with credit card billing.

About Line2
Line2 is solving communication problems one app at a time. The company, headquartered in San Francisco, creates innovative communications services for professionals, with high-end features and world-class live customer support. Its flagship product, Line2, adds a second line to your smartphone to seamlessly manage «second selves» (multiple profiles such as work and personal lives) on one device. Its groundbreaking Line2 for iPad turns the tablet into a full-featured desktop phone.